Top 8 Aspartame Free Gum Reviews In 2019

Worried about Consuming Aspartame? Here Are the Gone are days when human beings relied on food with natural components only. Today, manufacturers all over the world are making different types of foodstuff using artificial ingredients including sweeteners. Those biscuits and candy you love so much do not contain natural sugar but artificial sweeteners to marvel your taste buds. One of the commonest artificial sweeteners used in making different types of food and beverages is aspartame. It was considered a safe component until controversies emerged about its side effects on consumers’ health. There have been studies linking it to cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, and weight gain. Do you chew gum frequently or even occasionally? You should buy those without aspartame considering what research has already discovered about this popular artificial sweetener. In that regard, below are the top 8 aspartame free gum.

8. AKA Electrolyte Gum

AKA Electrolyte Gum

AKA is a sugar-free chewing gum that provides your body with a natural energy boost. In every piece, you get 60mg of caffeine to push you through the day and enable you to accomplish tasks with a little bit of zeal. If you did not have time to drink your morning coffee, this gum could be helpful. Enjoy the fresh taste that rejuvenates your mind and body giving you the confidence you need to talk in public in case you have bad breath. This brand is available in two flavors eucalyptus and menthol. A box of AKA contains 10 packs, and each pack has 10 pieces. It would be convenient to purchase a whole box and enjoy 100pieces of caffeinated chewing gum.


  • Provides pure energy
  • A pack offers you 600mg of caffeine
  • Usable in place of coffee or an energy drink

7. XyloBurst Candy Mints

XyloBurst Candy Mints

With sugar being associated with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, it is always prudent to consume sugar-free gum XyloBurst included. Instead of aspartame, this brand uses xylitol, which reduces the risk of dental caries. It comes in an elegant berry flavor pack and goes a long way in protecting your gums and teeth besides moisturizing a dry mouth. You are on a long trip, and somehow your breath is not as fresh as you would like. Throw the mints in your mouth and allow them refresh your mouth and breath. Perhaps you forgot to pack your toothbrush for camping. No worries; XyloBurst has your back.


  • It is GM-free
  • Contains 100% xylitol
  • 200 count in a pack of 3

6. XyloBurst 100 Count Pack

XyloBurst 100 Count Pack

XyloBurst 100 pack is chewing gum while the previous product is mint. If the 200-pack mint were a lot for you, then this a hundred-pack would suit you. It is sugar and aspartame free to ensure your health is not at risk. However, it contains 100 % xylitol, an element that prevents tooth decay. The gum comes in a spearmint flavor that is all natural to bar side effects. It is also non-GMO and offers other helpful dental benefits such as protecting and cleaning your gums and teeth. Are you vegan or do you adhere to a keto diet? XyloBust is the gum to buy that does not compromise your diet.


  • Appropriate for sugar controlled and low carb diets
  • It is naturally sweetened with xylitol
  • Gluten-free

5. PUR Sugar-free Bubblegum

PUR Sugar-free Bubblegum

As you read the top 8 aspartame free gum, it includes Pur for the following reasons. For example, it comes in a colorful pink color to attract your attention. Pur is also safe for every consumer including those who have allergies or restrictive diets such as vegan. There is no need to worry about reacting terribly to this bubblegum. The taste should wow your tongue not forgetting the high-quality ingredients used in making Pur.

A bag contains 55 pieces and provides a few dental health benefits. In addition to reducing the buildup of plaque, this brand washes away bacteria through stimulating the production of saliva. It offers you a variety of flavors to choose from entailing chocolate mint, cool mint, wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, and pomegranate mint.


  • It is non-GMO and soy, nut, peanut, gluten, and MSG-free
  • Uses xylitol natural sweetener that is safe for diabetics
  • Does not use artificial colors or flavors

4. Supersmart Mastic Gum

Supersmart Mastic Gum

Essential oils have always proven to be beneficial to human health in various ways. Supersmart’s chewing gum has an essential oil. The mastic gum comes in a modern look and is delicious and sugar-free. The oil has anti-bacterial properties that fight harmful gingival and periodontal bacteria. Supersmart gum does more than freshening your mouth. It also brightens your teeth, prevents tartar buildup, and bars inflammation of your gums. The manufacturer recommends that you chew it in between meals to guard against different dental problems such as gum disease.


  • Unique and high quality
  • Natural, anti-bacterial gum
  • Contains an essential oil

3. Siberian Treasure-Larch Resin Mint Gum

Siberian Treasure-Larch Resin Mint Gum

Larch Resin is another natural chewing gum in the top 8 aspartame free gum reviews in Like every other best product we have reviewed, Siberian Treasure’s gum performs beneficial roles in your body. For instance, it helps to keep at bay dental diseases such as periodontitis and stomatitis. Are you struggling with a craving for smoking? The mint component in larch resin can help decrease it. That is not all. The gum contains beeswax that prevents it from sticking on your gums. Each blister has eight pieces. Buy five of them to get 40pieces of chewing gum that cleans your mouth and strengthens your teeth and gums.


  • It is sugarless
  • Natural Gum
  • Sleek, eye-catching packaging

2. Spry Xylitol Chewing Gum

Spry Xylitol Chewing Gum

Xylitol is the alternative to aspartame. It is natural and safe for your health. XyloBurst gum has it, and so does Spry. It has a stronger flavor that lasts longer in your mouth. This way, you do not have to chew frequently. Additionally, if you have severe halitosis, Spry could help you manage it by covering up the odor, as you seek medical assistance. Whenever you experience a dry mouth, the xylitol in this gum moisturizes it. You want to help your mouth to fight tooth decay and plaque. Apart from brushing your teeth, consider buying Spry peppermint gum. Instead of using artificial sugars, it uses sugar alcohol (xylitol) that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. Chew it after every meal for significant results.


  • Uses natural, environment-friendly, GMO-free ingredients
  • Slows sugar consumption and bacterial growth
  • It is sugar-free and tasty

1. Epic Dental Mints

Epic Dental Mints

As the leading product in the top 8 aspartame free gum, Epic sweetening process uses Xylitol. There is no need to worry about the side effects of artificial sweeteners because this product does not have it. It has a tasty peppermint flavor, and it is suitable for children. This way, you do not have to buy separate aspartame free gums for each member of your family. Epic Dental comes in handy in preventing tooth decay. It is gluten-free as well and makes your teeth strong. The xylitol inhibits the production of tooth-eating acid and decreases plaque too; no more bad breathe. As you brush your teeth, remember to use Epic Dental’s chewing gum to boot oral hygiene.


  • A pack of five provides 60count
  • Contains 100 % xylitol
  • It is sugar-free


From the reviews above, you cannot afford to shop blindly for aspartame free gum. You have an idea of what makes a given chewing gum worth buying; you have already made the right choice going for gum without aspartame. That is a good start. If you are currently adhering to restrictive diets, we have discussed some of the products that auger well with vegan and keto diets and those that are gluten-free. However, all the brands above do not contain artificial sweeteners, which cause harm to your body.

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