Top 8 Baby Walking Toys Reviews In 2019

Watching the life of babies is really exciting. They are making lots of milestones in their life during the stages of infancy to early childhood. It is really proud to watch them take their first steps in their life. Walker toys help your kids to make it quicker. Lots of different types of walker toys are available in the market, which ranges from traditional types to multi-functional walking aids. Finding the right one is really important for the overall well-being of your kid. This Top 8 Baby Walking Toys Reviews helps you make the selection process easier.

8. VTech Baby Walker

VTech Baby Walker

VTech Baby Walker allows your kid to sit, stand and ride perfectly. This is the right choice for your kid to lean walking. The walker is equipped with an interactive seat, which will be very comfortable for your kid. This walker is perfect for adapting the growth of your child. You can convert the VTech Baby Walker to a ride-on. The feature-rich VTech walker is very attractive. It will surely keep your little one entertained and engaged.


  • Sturdy and safe
  • Durable
  • Light-up buttons
  • Driver seat is interactive
  • Can control the speed

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7. Fisher-Price Sis Walker

Fisher-Price Sis Walker

The Sis Walker, developed by Fisher-Price will be a perfect pal for your growing child. It allows your kid to do lots of exciting hands-on activities. Sis Walker is also perfect for supporting the little steps of your kid. Besides, your kid will also get a chance to familiarize with shapes, counting, colors, alphabets, etc. Playful songs and phrases are the other offers of this walker. The muscle strength of your kid can also be attained by using the Sis Walker.


  • Highly attractive
  • Helps to do lots of hands-on activities
  • Light-up piano keys
  • Fun music and encouraging phrases

6. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet

Finding a perfect companion for your child in the initial years of growth is not so easy. The things that you select for them must help them keep busy and grow. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet will be the right companion for your kid because it helps your child to grow, learn and have fun. The stages of the floor playing to walking will be wonderful if you gift your child this walker. The fun-filled, Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet offers plenty of opportunities for playing and learning. Thus, this will be one of the best choices for your kid.


  • Helps to learn to walk easily
  • Detachable cook-top allows sit and play
  • Gives support while walking
  • Removable cook-top
  • Activity table allows playing while standing
  • Sturdy plastic construction

5. Little Tikes Activity Walker

Little Tikes Activity Walker

Little Tikes Activity Walker is designed to inspire each kid with attractive, colorful lights. This 3-in-1 walker is a jungle themed toy that comes with various different features like spinning Toucan ball, Peek A Boo Lion, Monkey slider, etc. Sit and play activity center is the other major attraction of this walker. Storage of this product is also super easy.


  • Encourages babies to walk
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Attractive light buttons
  • Can play and have fun

4. Learn with Me

Learn with Me

Learn with Me baby walker is designed and developed by Fisher-Price. It allows two ways to play, that is the child can either sit or play. The walker contains a large number of hands-on activities. The light up buttons help to enhance the enthusiasm of the child. Music, sounds, and fun phrases encourage them to move further and explore more. It has a sturdy 4-wheelbase, which makes the steps of your child secure and safe. The easy-grasp handle gives further protection. The busy finger activities are helpful for increasing the motor skills of your kid.


  • Easy-grasp handle
  • Music and sounds give proper encouragement
  • Equipped with lots of busy finger activities

3. Kolcraft Tiny

Kolcraft Tiny

If you are searching for something new and effective for your kid, Kolcraft Tiny walker is the best option for you. It is designed specifically for the curious kids who want to explore and have fun. The multi-functional design of this walker is the other attraction. Kolcraft Tiny contains various different types of toys, which are helpful for developing the motor skills of your baby. Thus, you can help them grow and move forward. The top space of the walker can also be utilized as an eating table top. Kolcraft Tiny walker is versatile as well as affordable.


  • Sturdy
  • Helps to develop motor skills
  • Really affordable
  • Versatile
  • Foldable

2. Melissa & Doug Deluxe

Melissa & Doug Deluxe

Uniquely designed Melissa & Doug Deluxe walker is helpful for enhancing the performance of your child. This is the ideal walker for teaching your kid the walking skills. Excellent craftsmanship and sturdy construction make this walker one of the top best walkers in the market. High-quality material is used for constructing this baby walker, so it is long lasting. The gentle clacking noises encourage your baby to move and explore. This is the ideal walker for improving their motor skills.


  • Creativity sparkling walker
  • Wooden construction
  • Alligator push toy
  • Attractive sounds

1. VTech Learning Walker

VTech Learning Walker

The sit-to-stand baby walker of VTech is the best baby walker in this list with lots of impressive features. The interactive feature of this walker is worth mentioning, which helps your toddler to balance while walking. Thus, they can improve their walking skills. The construction of VTech Learning Walker is also superior. The activity center and attractive feature are also highly useful. Removable play panel is highly useful for kids. There are 5 piano keys in this walker, which help to encourage the creativity of your kid. The plastic made VTech Learning Walker is extremely affordable and beautiful.


  • Fun phrases and sound effects
  • Encourages creativity
  • Equipped with an early learning center
  • Affordable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great for learning


A baby walker definitely helps the development of the cognitive and motor skills of your baby. However, instead of picking one randomly, you must select on the basis of some features. Weight, comfort, sturdiness, compactness, construction, etc must be checked carefully. The overall design and durability must also be considered while purchasing a baby walker. The products reviewed in Top 8 Baby Walking Toys Reviews are selected accordingly, so you can pick one from this list confidently.

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