Top 8 Best Axe For Splitting Wood Reviews In 2019

It is winter, and you need wood for your fireplace. You have one tree in your compound that is blocking a beautiful view of the river or sunset, and you have to cut it. Perhaps you have invited friends over to your home for a barbecue and a good time. These scenarios and many more require you to have a good axe for splitting wood. There are different types of axes made from different materials. When it becomes difficult selecting the one that suits your needs, you can ask for recommendations from friends and family or research online. If that is the case, then continue reading to find out more about the top 8 best axe for splitting wood.

8. 1844 Helko Werk-Germany Saxon Axe

1844 Helko Werk-Germany Saxon Axe

Helko’s head originates from Germany where it is handmade using high-quality carbon steel, which ensures maximum performance and efficiency. The handle, on the other hand, is crafted in Switzerland. If you need to move logs, do not worry. This axe has a hook on the heel to help with that. It comes in a total weight of 8.lbs giving you an easy time axing. With the steel protector aspect, Helko is a long-lasting axe. It also has a leather sheath that is vegetable tanned. About construction, the company boasts of using the best artisans to design each part of the axe carefully ensuring it satisfies customer expectations.


  • It is hand-made and lightweight
  • Comes with a bottle of axe-guard
  • Incorporates high-grade leather sheath

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7. Helko Werk Splitter-Vario 2000

Helko Werk Splitter-Vario 2000

Helko Vario has a higher performance than Saxon. It is a powerful splitting axe that can split heavy logs. Like the Saxon, it consists of carbon steel and a grade A handle that enables you chop wood in different ways. This product comes with a bottle of protective oil axe guard, which fosters stability and efficiency. The 13- inch length and 8.5lbs weight enable you to split wood for a while before resting. Vario 2000 has a high striking force due to the deep wedge design and weight. Be careful when using it because of its weight and size. The handle has an excellent grip that fosters comfort while the steel overstrike protector prevents disastrous miss-swings. Assembling this product is not hard, as you will be using screws to put together the handle and head.


  • Suitable for heavy logs
  • Ergonomic handle design for balance
  • Easy interchangeability screw system

6. Fiskars Chopping Axe

Fiskars Chopping Axe

In your quest to find the best axe, keep in mind Fiskars. It is not only for chopping wood but also useful in felling trees. A single swing goes three times deeper into the wood to ensure quick wood splitting. The axe swings fast, as it has perfect balance and power to weight ratio. The last thing you need is an axe with a blunt edge. It will take a lot of energy to cut wood. That is not the case with Fiskars. It uses a blade grinding mechanism that provides a sharp edge ensuring a clean cut and improved contact. One thing about the hardened steel edge is that it maintains sharpness for a while compared to standard axes.


  • It is 28 inches long and light
  • Low friction coating on the blade prevents the head from getting stuck in the wood
  • Has a shock-absorbing handle

5. Estwing 26’’ Camper’s Axe

Estwing 26’’ Camper’s Axe

Are you planning to go camping? Among the tools, you will need there is an axe. You will use it for chop wood before lighting a fire to enjoy the warmth. Estwing has quite the design; elegant and performs highly. It entails an all-steel construction from the head to the handle that facilitates durability and strength. It also has a shock-reducing grip for comfortable logging. To guarantee the cutting edge safety, this brand has a heavy nylon sheath to protect it when not in use. Its leather grip is lacquered and hand-sanded for an appealing, functional look. Use this camper’s axe for various tasks including chopping and cutting trees and branches. However, multiple-use calls for sharpening.


  • It is sharp and long-lasting
  • The cutting edge is hand sharpened
  • Made from quality steel

4. Fiskars 36’’ Iso Core Axe

Fiskars 36’’ Iso Core Axe

Fiskars appears the second time in the top 8 axe for splitting wood with several things to offer you. Use it to chop wood or drive stakes and edges. The blade provides great penetration thus capable of getting through tough logs. Do not worry about vibration and shock when using this brand. It has an IsoCore system that absorbs shock shielding you from discomfort when splitting wood. Besides, it has an insulation sleeve that takes care of the initial strike before its shock reaches your hands. On material, this Fiskars make consists of heat treated steel with a rust-resistant finish. Its rugged construction increases longevity while the handle texturing boosts grip and reduces blisters.


  • It is light (8lbs), and the handle fits securely
  • Transfers two times less vibration and shock than wooden axe handles
  • It is made from premium steel

3. Cold Steel Axe-Trail Boss

Cold Steel Axe-Trail Boss

Are you looking for an axe of a length below 30 inches? Cold Steel is such an item. The manufacturer uses drop forged steel and 1055 carbon to provide consumers with a tough axe. American Hickory is responsible for making the handle. The lightweight nature of this axe enables you to carry it all day long without feeling tired quickly. Every swing bites deep into the wood courtesy of the sharp blade and cutting edge. Cool Steel has been tested and proven to cut the hardest woods including Gidgee. The term trail boss insinuates that the axe would be great for clearing a hiking trail, chopping wood, and cutting trees.


  • It is compact
  • Has a firm straight gained handle
  • It is heavy –duty enough to handle tough tasks

2. Husqvarna Wooden Axe

Husqvarna Wooden Axe

As one of the best axe for splitting wood, consider Husqvarna a large splitter. The long handle makes it easy for you to hold and keep a distance from the wood-chopping surface. It also ensures you can hold the axe with two hands; therefore, providing a higher striking force. The axe is perfect for splitting thick wood. Do not worry about the safety of this brand. The head connects to the shaft through a wooden and steel wedge for secure fastening. Axing should not be difficult. This product makes that possible. You will use little effort to draw the head into the wood and chop into pieces.


  • Comes with a leather cover for the edge
  • Allows two-hands grip
  • Has a 30-inch wooden handle

1. Fiskars Super Axe

Fiskars Super Axe

What makes Fiskars the leading item in the top 8 best axe for splitting wood reviews in For starters, Fiskars super axe is 36 inches long giving you more room to space your hands properly. If you are tall and cutting medium or large logs, this axe will be of enormous help. One strike is enough to split wood. With the textured non-slip grip, the chopper prevents you from straining your hands and boosts control when using the axe. Balance increases swing speed allowing you to finish chopping fast so you can focus on other tasks. The bevel blade takes a convex shape, which makes super axe more powerful and easier to remove from wood.


  • Provides maximum splitting efficiency
  • It is light (5.9lbs) for portability
  • Uses advanced tech on the bevel blade


Every manufacturer praises their products for being the best. That why reading the top 8 best axe for spitting wood is helpful. From it, you get ideas about the ideal splitting axe that meets your needs. From what we have reviewed, certain factors help you choose the right splitter. They induced durability, material, length, and portability. With such in mind, you stand a better chance of purchasing a worthwhile axe.

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