Top 8 Best Down Jackets Reviews In 2020

Are You Looking for Warm Jackets for the Cold Weather? Winter is coming, and you have to prepare your home and body for it. You need to repair different aspects of your house especially the heating systems. The other thing you should do is stock your closet with warm clothing to survive the cold weather. Are you looking for jackets that can stand extreme cold temperatures? Go for down jackets. They are heavy and made of materials that foster insulation to provide your body warmth and prevent heat loss. Manufacturers make it hard for consumers to find the best jackets because they all praise their products as the best. This is where reviews come in to help you find a nice, warm jacket. Therefore, below are the top 8 best down jacket.

8. Marmot Guides Jacket

Marmot Guides Jacket

It is snowing outside yet you have to run errands because roads are accessible anyway. As you dress up, put on Marmot down jacket. It is comfortable considering it consists of soft-shell polyester. The regular fit, lining, and hood make this jacket worth buying. You can wear it alone or under other warm clothes. That windy and snowy weather will be bearable. Additionally, Marmot has a fill power rating of 700 that ensures warmth in cold conditions. Its handwarmer pockets and chest are zippered to protect your hands and chest area against cold. Besides, this brand has zippered interior pockets for storing items and keeping them dry. Adjust the drawcord and Velcro cuffs for temperature control and perfect fitting.


  • Has a moisture-resistant down defender for effective insulation
  • Uses a moisture-resistant treatment
  • Puffer style, lightweight jacket with angel wing movement

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7. Eddie Bauer-Men’s Down Jacket

Eddie Bauer-Men’s Down Jacket

You want to buy your man or son a winter jacket. Eddie Bauer would be an excellent purchase. It is high-quality, fits well, and has certified insulation standards. Its storm-repel finish ensures that it does not soak in moisture. Despite lacking a hood, it still has a higher neck offering additional warmth. Being light, it does not add unnecessary weight to your body. If you are traveling, Eddie will ensure you have light luggage. The 650 fill in the nylon shell is high enough to shield you from the harsh cold. That is not all. This jacket comes with a pouch for easy, convenient storage.


  • Hoodless, premium quality jacket
  • It is machine washable
  • Compressible for packing

6. Amazon Essentials- Men’s Jacket

Amazon Essentials- Men’s Jacket

Down jackets are designed to provide wearers warmth. Everything about them is about insulation; keeping the warmth inside them. Amazon Essentials is not any different. For instance, it has a full-zip front and a stand-up neck for the sole purpose of keeping you warm at all times. As you pack, use the zip pockets to securely keep items such as keys. With the elastic cuffs, you can be sure the jacket snugly fits on your hands to prevent cold air from getting in. The manufacturer provides a carry bag that has a drawstring closure. Finding the right size for you is not difficult because Amazon uses consistent sizing.


  • Light and packable
  • Water-resistant
  • High-quality and long-lasting

5. Tommy Hilfiger Hooded Men’s Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Hooded Men’s Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger offers classic, hooded jackets for the winter available in a variety of colors. As one of the products in the top 8 best down jackets, it has storm cuffs with a Tommy flag on the inside. For extra warmth, this brand includes a fleece lining on the stand collar. The hood has a drawcord that allows you to adjust how tight it feels to ensure a secure fit and comfort. To determine the authenticity of the jacket, the chest has a Tommy flag too in embroidery style. It has been upgraded to include a two-pocket fashion. The polyfill guarantees insulation in winter. You are buying a sleek, down jacket with a full zipper to assist you to stay warm.


  • Mid-weight jacket
  • Has an attached hood
  • It is quilted with ultra loft

4. Orolay Women’s Down Jacket

Orolay Women’s Down Jacket

Enough about men’s down jackets. Orolay is a women’s jacket with various things to offer. It has a unique design consisting of crumples on the hem and stitches. Your body shape does not matter because this jacket suits every figure. It provides more coverage to bar you from feeling cold. About material, Orolay uses polyester that is much denser than what some jackets use. Its body and sleeve are filled with 90% of white duck down and 10% feathers. It is also windproof with sides that unzip. Choose from a wide range of sizes and colors and find something perfect for your figure and preference. It is crucial to buy from the original seller, that is, Orolay


  • It is thickened
  • Light and adjustable
  • It is an eiderdown coat with odorless duck down

3. Tommy Hilfiger Regular Big/tall size Men’s Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Regular Big/tall size Men’s Jacket

If you have a liking for Tommy Hilfiger jackets, here is another one from the same company. Enjoy the tall and big sizes, as you count down days to end of winter. Like the other Tommy jacket, it folds nicely for packing in the drawstring bag. It comes with side-entry pockets to hide your palms for more warmth. With the down padding, Hilfiger is offering you a useful winter jacket. Its standing collar provides warmth around your neck, so you do not feel the freezing cold. The logo at the chest ensures that you are buying an original Tommy Hilfiger jacket. Of course, there is a variety of colors to select from.


  • Packable jacket
  • Size fits properly
  • Light and quality

2. Wantdo Women’s Jacket

Wantdo Women’s Jacket

Are you looking for a fashionable women’s jacket in the top 8 best down jacket? Wantdo is a worthwhile choice. It is a hooded, short jacket with a body-hugging silhouette design that flaunts you adorable figure. Once you get it out of the bag, give it two hours to get puffy. Wear it under another layer of clothes if you like, because it is thin and lightweight. You should love the attached hood that keeps your head warm and the zip opening that you can open for temperature regulation. Use the deep pockets on the inside and those on the side to keep things such as your phone. The hem and cuffs have a stretch tap on the inside to protect you against windy weather. This jacket packs compactly, so you do not have to use a big bag to carry it. To keep it in proper shape hand wash and dry-clean but never twist dry.


  • It is ultra-light and packable with a sporty style
  • Has a water repellant exterior
  • Comes with a cay bag

1. Beinia Valuker Women’s Puffer Jacket

Beinia Valuker Women’s Puffer Jacket

Talking of trendy down jackets for women, Beinia should be a must-have item. It is warm with 90 % down, which means it has more air pockets to insulate you against cold. It would be a great gift for a loved one. Besides, it has a unique hood with fur and other products in the review do not have this. The fur goes a long way in keeping away cold around your eyes. Beinia is available in a variety of colors including black, white, navy blue, and grey. It is longer than Wantdo offering more cover. The zipper runs from the top to the bottom of the jacket. In addition, your hands will find the long sleeves and side pockets helpful.


  • It is big enough and high-quality
  • Has great sizing
  • Suits petite women perfectly


When the market is flooded with down jackets from different manufacturers, it is essential to always go for the best brands you can get. From the above review, you have an idea about what makes a great down jacket for men and women. What are you waiting for? Order down jackets before winter begins and keep away the cold.

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