Top 8 Blonde Hair Extensions Reviews In 2020

Countless women are bestowed with long and luscious hair; while many others are devoid of such a gift. Having shiny, silky and soft hair is dream among all women around the world. But here’s the thing, how can you fulfill your dream of having long and beautiful hair in just a few hours without waiting for years to grow your locks naturally?? Well, the Answer is- Hair Extensions! Yes, you read it Right! Here are the

8. s-noilite Thick Double Weft

s-noilite Thick Double Weft

s-noilite Thick Double Weft Hair extension is 100% original human hair. These hair extensions are silky, soft in touch. They are easy to wash, safe for hair dryers, rollers, and straighteners. Remy hair extensions can be dyed and painted with the shade of your choice. Though sometimes the hair extension shade can appear slightly different, due to the lighting effects, users should carefully choose the color shade variant.


  • Best for temperature below 356-degree F/180 degree Celsius.
  • Includes natural hair ends.
  • 2cm Longer for Trimming option.
  • A free gift of 2 clips, thread, and needle, to attach with your hair.
  • 8 pieces of different length, generally single set is ample enough

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7. Myfashion Hair Clip

Myfashion Hair Clip

My Fashion Hair extensions are perfect real human hair. 7 pieces of Myfashion Hair weigh approx. 70 grams each. Normally, 2 packs are recommendable for women who have had an excellent type of hair to affix length and provide a bounce to the user’s hair. You can treat these hair extensions like your own hair. The Hair extensions have perfect dual-weft, same thickness up-to the end and stitched with superb quality clips.


  • Tangle-free, easy & smooth to comb.
  • Reliable, pleasant to wear.
  • Nominal weight and smooth.
  • Easy to paint.
  • Perfect bounce & texture

6. Remy Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Remy Tape in Human Hair Extensions

Hair extension with high-quality tape quickly adheres to your hairs and stays in place. Women can experience the increased length, bounce and volume within just a few minutes. These Hair extensions are comfortable and light in weight. You can treat these hair extensions according to your wish, either paint, curl or straighten them. These hair clocks are specifically designed to last long with proper care


  • Available in a variety of shades.
  • 100% pure human hair.
  • 20-inch-long, enough length for any hair-do.
  • 40 pieces weigh around only 100g.

5. Flat Tip Remy Human Hair

Flat Tip Remy Human Hair

These Light blonde hair extensions are Keratin enriched smooth hair. Each strand has weight around 0.8g. It includes 100 strands& weighs 80g in total. The Flat Tip Remy Human Hair is at par with High standard salon enriched hair. The locks are designed to be curled, re-painted or straightened as per the lady’s desires. You can buy these distinctive and unique shades from your near-by stores or you can order them online.


  • Pure& silky human hair feel.
  • Anti-dryness & Zero brittleness & shredding
  • Secure and comfortable.
  • Suitable for all Age group Women.

4. Double Weft Remy Human Hair

Double Weft Remy Human Hair

Double Weft Remy Human Hair is one of the best Soft& silky hair extensions available. They are great to wear, tangle-free, shedding-free and look brand new after every wash and reuse. Remy hair extensions include natural finishing, with zero split ends. These are Luscious, shiny and virtually real human hair extensions. The hair extensions are developed with dual fabrics technology (two fabrics fastened together), so they will not split off easily. A single set is sufficient enough to cover your head and is great for any hair type, either thin or thick.


  • Best suited to follow any fashion/style.
  • Approx. 2cm more in length,
  • Compatible with all hair types.
  • Attractive free gifts; two clips, needle, and fine thread.
  • Can be washed, straightened or curled like your own hair.
  • Reusable with proper wash and drying

3. Grammy 18 Inch Remy Clips

Grammy 18 Inch Remy Clips

Grammy human hair extensions are not synthetic hair; these are absolutely natural extensions (unprocessed human hair). The locks are top notch quality with natural shine and smooth texture. The locks, however, need proper care to last long. Remy hair extensions grant immediate length and volume to your hair in a matter of few minutes with minimal effort. Grammy hair extensions are convenient to wear & can be trimmed, blow-dried and curled as per your need of the hour.


  • Packed 7pieces: 70g and18 inches long.
  • Best suited for any hair treatment or hair-do.
  • Can be wear 3 or 4 times.
  • No shredding
  • Zero split ends

2. Clip in Extensions Human Hair

Clip in Extensions Human Hair

Blonde Hair extensions are also 100% unprocessed human hair with stainless steel clips. Clips can be taken out smoothly without hurting your scalp or your hair. Hair extensions can be styled for a party or any other occasion. Blonde hair extensions include 7pieces of 70 grams only, 2 packs are absolutely great for fine hair to increase luscious, length and bounce.


  • Well-tailored dual weft to add strength.
  • Shiny, soft and clean with a sweet smell.
  • Natural ends.
  • No contortion with time
  • Washable and reusable
  • Appropriate volume

1. Moresoo Tape in Hair Extensions

Moresoo Tape in Hair Extensions

Moresoo hair extensions contain 100 human hairs and it is a man-made synthetic high-quality hair brand. These extensions are an absolute replica of real human hair, tangible and shedding free. Blonde hair extensions feature transparent 16-inch-long tape with stiff glue. 2 or 3 packs of Moresoo hair extensions are generally enough for envious looks.


  • 100% Human hair Feel
  • Perfectly easy to wear & take off
  • Superb Durability & long lasting
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Reusable, blow dry, wash etc. multiple times.
  • Instant length and volume.


While some of the above hair extensions are unprocessed human hair, others are an exact replica of human hair with sweet jasmine/rose fragrance, soft and easy to clean. These are specifically designed to allow curling, blow drying or re-painting. Most Probably, 2 packs are enough for normal hairs and 3 pack are good enough for thinnest of hair type. Most of the above hair extensions are knitted strongly with double weft to avoid damage& loss of luster. They are durable and non-shedding. The hair extensions are truly perfect for any hair-do and a wide variety of occasions.

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