Top 8 Compression Socks Pregnancy Reviews In 2019

Being pregnant comes with its challenges from hormonal changes, cravings, morning sickness, to swollen ankles and feet. There are things you can do to ease the discomfort though. What causes your feet and ankles to swell during pregnancy? Perhaps you have been sitting or standing for a while. This causes blood pooling in your legs, which leads to swelling. It is risky when a blood clot forms and travels to your lungs, for example. That is why you need compression socks pregnancy. They reduce pooling of blood, prevent an increased heart rate, and ease ankle sprains. The socks also lower the risk of developing varicose veins and helps in treating thrombosis. Here are the top 8 compression socks pregnancy to consider purchasing.

8. Pembrook 6-Pack Pregnancy Socks

Pembrook 6-Pack Pregnancy Socks

With Pembrook socks, you are getting multi-purpose clothing. It helps with varicose veins, swelling, and leg, heel, and ankle pain. You can wear them as you rest on the sofa or when out enjoying yoga, cycling, running, or walking. How does this product work? It re-energizes your legs, eliminates muscle fatigue, and encourages proper blood flow. If you have become a coach potato too tired to stand up most of the time, you will find this brand helpful. It provides 8-15mmHg of graduated compression for pain relief and swollen ankles. The material used in making socks determines their performance. Pembrook consists of 40% polyester, 55% cotton, and 5% elastic that make it soft, comfortable, and breathable for everyday use unlike socks made from synthetic materials. The non-binding band boosts comfort as well.


  • Has reinforced insoles and toes and smooth heel and toe closures
  • Decrease buildup of lactic acid
  • High-quality and machine washable

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7. Iseasoo Socks

Iseasoo Socks

One pack of Iseasoo has six pairs of socks to get you through an entire week. It offers you 20-30mmHg of compression to relieve painful muscles and ankles. If you are looking for a brand that considers fashion, science, and tech in making great socks, Iseasoo is such a company. It provides warmth besides improving blood circulation in your feet. Each pack has socks with different colors and patterns to match your preferences. They have been upgraded to contain 85 % of nylon from 40 %, therefore ensuring extra strength. The fabric used in making this product goes a long way in guaranteeing top-notch performance and providing the optimal temperature for your legs. It is lightweight and fits snugly to ensure joint stability. The other benefits of wearing these socks include the fact that they relieve pain, promote muscle recovery, minimize injury, provide muscle support, and ease cramping, swelling, and fatigue.


  • Available in a three-pair pack too
  • Stretches in all directions for flexibility
  • Durable, high quality, and breathable

6. HLTPRO Pregnancy Socks

HLTPRO Pregnancy Socks

If you are looking for socks with a compression rate of 20-30mmHg, HLTPRO is another example. It comes in varying colors and patterns of 50-60 different designs. You can be sure of finding a design that suits your taste and preference. Even if you spend much time indoors, these socks are stylish leaving you flattered. The beginner-friendly, firm compression assists in stabilizing and supporting muscles, thus lowering swelling and soreness. With HLTPRO, you stand a chance to curb blood pooling and prevent the formation of clots. It clings onto your ankles tightly, and the pressure reduces up your leg. With two stabilization areas, the socks remain snugly fit on your legs no matter how much you move around.


  • Easy to wear and pull off due to the wide calves
  • It is soft and moisture-wicking
  • Uses poly-nylon material (80% nylon and 20% spandex)

5. FuelMeFoot-Copper Compression Socks

FuelMeFoot-Copper Compression Socks

As one of the top 8 compression socks pregnancy, FuelMeFoot offers you several things. For instance, it has a compression level of 15-20mmHg for mild squeezing around your feet. Sometimes you wake up, and the baby growing inside you wants to you sleep and sit all day. Maybe you are on bed rest. Blood will pool in your legs, you will be tired, and your muscles could need refreshing. With FuelMeFoot, you can take care of such issues while spending all day in bed. The graduated compression supports your legs while reducing soreness, fatigue, and cramping at the same time. These socks prevent injuries since the heel and toe sections have proper cushioning.


  • Incorporates copper-infused fabric for improved circulation
  • Moisture-wicking capability keeps your feet dry in high temperatures
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and bars foot odor

4. Laite Hebe 3-Pair Compression Socks

Laite Hebe 3-Pair Compression Socks

Do you need socks whose manufacturer includes the latest technology in making them? Purchase Laite Hebe. They provide you extra comfort, as they consist of moisture-absorbing and breathable material. The toe and heel are soft, thus facilitating premium support and relief for swollen legs. These socks wick away moisture leaving your feet dry all day long. One of the factors that make them stand out is the upgraded nylon percentage from 40 to This aspect allows them to stretch more quickly than other socks with lower nylon content. The breathable fabric promotes air circulation around your feet to prevent sweating. It also fosters the ideal temperature, which improves comfort.


  • They are form fitting and light
  • Foster joint stability
  • Uses flexible fabric for a great fitting

3. Laite Hebe Pregnancy Compression Socks

Laite Hebe Pregnancy Compression Socks

Gone are days when compression socks were reserved for medical use only. Today, different people are wearing them (to eliminate discomfort) including athletes, hikers, joggers, office workers, and expectant women. This Laite Hebe sock provides you with a 360� stretching that ensures excellent fitting. It serves to ensure oxygen flow and blood circulation, prevent fatigue and swelling, and encourage muscle recovery. About material, it is made from soft, high-strength fabrics. You get to enjoy muscle support and pain relief. There is no need to worry about smelly feet. Laite Hebe fabric absorbs moisture and dries fast to prevent odors. Choose the best socks for your feet from several two-color combos available in two sizes.


  • Flexible and durable
  • They are high quality and comfortable
  • Enhance air permeability

2. SB SOX Socks

SB SOX Socks

If you are looking for elegant products in the top 8 compression socks pregnancy, SB Sox is one of them. It comes in fantastic colors that make you feel nice and match the clothes you are wearing to prevent color clashing. You can buy blue, black, or purple SB socks. Any pregnant woman experiences different kinds of discomfort. You need to do everything possible to ease the situation such as buying compression socks. Like every other top performing socks, SB sox has a good fitting offering 20-30mmHg of graduation compression. Improve blood circulation, lower lactic acid, and foster muscle recovery. It ensures your feet remain fresh, as it bars unpleasant smells.


  • Anti-static and anti-odor
  • Provides four sizes
  • Durable, light, breathable

1. Physix Gear Sport- Stamina Compression Socks

Physix Gear Sport- Stamina Compression Socks

As the best seller item in the review of compression socks for pregnancy, Physix Gear provides you useful characteristics. First, it employs graduated compression to help you reduce pain, alleviate edema, and boost circulation. The socks are stylish and double-stitched for reinforcement. The fact that they use anti-bacterial fabric means no more foot odors. Physix’s support and compression are at a safe spot, which prevents worsening the discomfort you are feeling be it swelling or pain. These socks allow your feet to breathe in hot temperatures in addition to absorbing shock and reducing fatigue and swelling. Their Lycra fabric promotes durability.


  • High quality and comfortable
  • Maintains its 20-30mmHg compression even after washing
  • Fashionable with several colors to select


A pregnant woman deals with various health conditions. Some of them are resolved using medication while others (such as edema) require drug-free treatment. However, there are various things you can do to ease swollen feet and ankles, which include wearing compression socks. The review above provides you examples of socks to purchase to avoid wasting money on low-quality products.

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