Top 8 Electric Kick Scooters Reviews In 2020

Does Your Child Want a Scooter? The things kids are capable of doing will melt your heart. They are young and naughty eager to try out new things. It is crucial to support your child’s physical activities because they foster growth and build confidence. Has your little one been interested in scooters lately? Buy your kid an electric scooter. It will allow him or her to flex muscles and be good enough at steering scooters to join competitions and bring home prizes. When the market is flooded with different products and all manufacturers claiming their scooters are the best, it becomes difficult deciding which one of them to buy. That is why you should read reviews to find out more about various brands and get customers’ points of view about them. That said, herein are the top 8 electric kick scooter reviews.

8. Megawheels Electric Scooter

Megawheels Electric Scooter

Your child’s safety when using a scooter should be a top priority. Therefore, you should buy a sturdy product made from quality materials. Mega wheels has a strong aluminum alloy deck and taillights that foster safety. Your child knows when the scooter is running low on power due to the battery indicator. To help you save space in your garage, this brand is foldable, which takes seconds. Besides, it has a handle height appropriate for kids of varying heights. Thus, your children can share one scooter instead of buying each one of them a separate scooter. You do not want to buy a heavy product. It will be strenuous for your child to use. Mega wheel has that in mind that is why the company makes very light products (18 lbs only) to give kids an easy time operating.


  • It is suitable for short distances with a climbing angle being 20
  • Waterproof with a maximum load capacity of 160 lbs
  • Offers up to 14 mph speed, 5 miles range, and charges in 3 hours

7. Eswing Scooter

Eswing Scooter

If you are looking for a scooter at a faster speed than Megawheel’s, Eswing is the item to buy. It is 1.5 mph faster than the previous product. Nonetheless, it is heavier weighing 201.3 lbs. The common aspect between the two brands is the fact that they are foldable. Eswing collapses into a compact scooter to fit in the tiniest of spaces including closets, car trunks, and seats. It has a powerful motor that propels it through an adjustable speed, which ensures comfort for your little one not forgetting the adjustable armrest height. You should buy a robust scooter that stands for different types of impact. This product boasts of a rugged aluminum construction that makes it hard enough to handle the shock. With inflatable hollow tires, it can accommodate riders of varying weights of up to 220.5 lbs.


  • Includes headlight and tail light
  • Has a remote battery that takes 2hours to charge
  • Has a maximum travel range of 12.4miles and climbing angle of 15

6. Hudora Scooter

Hudora Scooter

What makes Hudora worth purchasing? Let us begin with its big 205mm wheels. They enable the scooter to support much weight and shield you from feeling the bumps or vibrations. Its handle attaches to a soft sponge for the same reason of preventing bumpy rides. It can hold a maximum load of 100kg making it suitable for both children and adults. Therefore, have fun with your children, as you scoot the evening together and better your skills. Like the former products, Hudora has an aluminum frame that is durable, stable, and rust-resistant. Adjust the height to a level with which you or your kid is comfortable. About authenticity, this brand has GS and CE certifications as proof that you are buying a top-notch scooter.


  • The manufacturer uses high-quality materials
  • Has an easy to fold mechanism
  • Weighs 4kg only

5. F1-E-bike Electric Scooter

F1-E-bike Electric Scooter

E-Bike appears in the top 8 electric kick scooter for what it has in store for you. The scooter scores higher than the products we have already reviewed in several ways such as speed, mile range, and load capacity. It is as fast as 40mph, covers 45miles, and supports loads as heavy as 330lbs (150kg). However, it takes a while to charge 8-10hours and weighs 70lbs. Make sure you charge it early enough. To absorb shock, F1 has six shock absorbers. With its pneumatic tires, there is no need to worry about them slipping. Anyone who has ridden a scooter will tell you that applying breaks instantly is a common thing. Relax. This brand has a safe emergency system that ensures steady braking for such a scenario. If you like, you detach the seat for a change in your riding experience.


  • Runs on two powerful motors each 1000watts
  • Has a 30 climbing degree and 10inch tires
  • Fast and easy folding and unfolding

4. Nanrobot Electic Scooter

Nanrobot Electic Scooter

Nanrobot is another electric scooter that takes some time to charge (four-six hours) but has a high performance. Its 36v lithium battery can pull through a maximum of 25 miles on standard terrain and medium weight. Enjoy varying warranty periods on different parts of the scooter 180 days for the battery, two years for the frame, and 1 year for the motor. As long as the rider weighs no more than 264lbs, this scooter will be fine. Ride on the high-quality tires as you commute on the scooter or use it for leisure. Whenever you come across a foldable scooter, do not ignore it. Take time to look at its characteristics and determine if it is worth your money. Nanrobot folds too.


  • Provides a 20mph speed
  • Uses a single drive motor of 350watts
  • It is portable (33lbs) and foldable for easy storage

3. Goplus Dual Suspension Scooter

Goplus Dual Suspension Scooter

One of the factors that place Goplus in the top 8 electric kick scooter  is the dual suspension. It makes this product stand out in addition to its elegant black look. Talking of quality, note that Goplus has an aircraft grade frame made from aluminum. It is sturdy and capable of holding up to 220lbs of weight. The company takes into consideration your comfort and makes soft rubber handgrips. They ensure your kid holds the handlebars securely to prevent slipping. He or she is unlikely to develop sore spots on palms. The dual suspension goes a long way in reducing the extent of shock you feel when riding. To stop your ride, easily access the rear brake, and you can use either your hand or foot to operate it quickly.


  • It is foldable with three adjustable height levels
  • Absorbs shock using big wheels and precision bearings
  • Weighing 16lbs, it has an aluminum frame and brake pedal

2. Micro Kickboard Monster Scooter

Micro Kickboard Monster Scooter

The interchangeable steering capabilities on Micro Kickboard scooter are worth your while. You can use a joystick or T-bar. With the folding T-bar, you are in a position to save space. Stability is everything when riding a scooter. You should buy your child a stable product for enjoyable riding. With this product, you get fat wheels that ensure a stable ride on sidewalks and pavements. The wide, long deck increases stability on the base of the scooter to promote carving and curving. Children love stylish recreational products. Kickboard’s design should impress you, as it includes spectacular graphics. No one wants to feel the bumps and vibration when using a scooter. Save your child the frustration and buy this product because its flex deck consists of marine ply, fiberglass, and bearings that provide smooth cruising.


  • The rear rubber insert bars brake heat from reaching riders
  • Offers great maneuverability
  • Wide wheels and comfortable holding fosters fast kicks

1. Razor Kick Scooter-A6

Razor Kick Scooter-A6

Finally, Razor A6 takes the lead in top 8 electric kick scooter reviews in Why? It consists of an anodized aluminum frame for long-lasting use. You can get this scooter in two colors white and silver. It does not require any assembling, thus saving you time. Foam grips offer secure holding and the comfort a rider needs. A user’s height is not a big deal for this product because it has an adjustable height. Its wide, spoke wheels increase the usability of this scooter. With the long deck and double bearings, you do not have to be concerned about your loved one falling off the deck. Use the rear fender brake to stop the scooter, which has a retractable kickstand.


  • It is lightweight 10.98lbs(5kg)
  • Can carry a rider of 200lbs maximum weight
  • Uses an anti-rattle T-bar


Outdoor physical activity is essential in helping a child grow and relax. Buy your child a scooter and watch him or her ride away enjoying every second of the experience. The eight products in the review are examples of electric kick scooters worth purchasing. They perform the same role but differ in terms of functionality such as maximum load capacity, adjustability, speed, and mile range. Buy one that impresses your little girl or boy based on such factors.

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