Top 8 Electronic Dart Board Reviews In 2019

Looking for Dartboards? You have left the office exhausted, and all you want is to unwind. You head to your favorite bar restaurant for some drinks and delicious food. You also need to be on your feet and have some fun. Playing dart is a good way to relax your mind, have fun, and take your mind off things. Today, the market offers electronic dartboards, which come with several settings such as interactive features, game variations, averages and scoring data, and multi-player game options. Perhaps you want to buy a dartboard for your home or business. It is essential to purchase the best products you can find. In that regard, here are the top 8 electronic dart board to help you make the right purchasing decision.

8. WIN.MAX Dartboard

WIN.MAX Dartboard

Do you intend to play darts with friends and family? WIN.MAX is the board you need. It allows eight players at a time and has over 190 scoring options and 27 thrilling games. You can also play alone. The product suits beginners and experienced players as well thanks to the five skill levels. It is designed to prevent damaging your walls. For instance, it uses concave holes and a thin spider that prevents bounce outs while the catch ring around the target face takes care of missed shots. Use the player/page button to view scores of four players at the same time. You can play with the dartboard in a quiet mode or adjust the volume ranging from 0-7 if you do not mind the noise.


  • WIN.MAX uses a large, easy to read LED display to keep you informed of the scores.
  • It uses a tough ABS cabinet for storing darts and other accessories.
  • The package comes with 12 starter darts and 40 dart points, and both have soft tips.

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7. Arachnid Marauder Bullshooter

Arachnid Marauder Bullshooter

Arachnid offers you more games (38) than WIN MAX but less scoring options (137). However, it still provides great gaming experiences with a large score window that increases the legibility of scores. Get to enjoy a variety of games with friends, colleagues, and family. The model has colorful scoring windows that make it an elegant piece in your home or bar. Like the previous brand, it allows solo play, which comes in handy when you need to practice before joining other players in a heated competition, Therefore, use the heckler features and improve your darting skills and get to the game room prepared.


  • Has a backlit scoring section.
  • Incorporates wood doors for safety and privacy when not using the dartboard.
  • Uses four X/0 scoring displays

6. GLD Products Viper Iron Dartboard

GLD Products Viper Iron Dartboard

When it comes to color combos on dartboards, GLd has unique shades of bright blue and green illuminated segments that give it a fresh, unique appearance. Play 48 games and 315 play variations, which include 17 games with optional moving targets. Instead of sticking to stationary targets, spice up your game with moving targets for a change. Introduce a challenging idea to your friends the next time you meet. This dartboard is durable considering it consists of target tested study segments that can handle tough throws. Choose to play with a cyber-player on the dart or involve up to eight people for an interactive, fun game. GLD boards come with six starter darts and extra tips.


  • It utilizes an ultra-thin design and a large scoring area.
  • Includes bright LED lighting that uses an ion system.
  • Target face is made from long-lasting translucent nylon.

5. Fat Cat GLD Products Mercury Dartboard

Fat Cat GLD Products Mercury Dartboard

The number of games and scoring options a dartboard provides are among the factors you should consider when shopping. Fat Cat treats you to 34 games and 183 scoring options and provides a dual display. Have fun playing from the first to the fifth level as you better your prowess and engage other eight players if possible. To prevent bounce outs, this make has a slim spider design and concave holes. This way, you do not have to worry about darts falling all over the room. If you have been using boards that are hard to read the scoring, it is time to upgrade to Fat Cat. It features a large scoreboard and an easy to read control panel that prevents eyestrain.


  • Provides a sturdy cabinet made from ABS material.
  • Doors have in-built slots for storing darts.
  • Comes with six darts, six spare tips, mounting hardware, and AC power adapter.

4. Electronix Fat Cat GLD Products

Electronix Fat Cat GLD Products

As one of the items in the top 8 electronic dart board, Electronix does not differ as much from the previous Fat Cat model. They suit a traditional décor and present few differences. For example, electronics provide four extra games that is 38 and less scoring options However, the number of players that both products accommodate is eight. Like Fat Cat Mercury, this make includes concave holes and a thin spider that prevent bounce outs not forgetting the extended catch ring that performs the same role. With a 13.5-inch target face, this product is suitable for a tournament. It also has an LCD side display to help you keep up with the score. The five skill levels accommodate players of varying abilities.


  • Provides a strong cabinet rack for storage.
  • Comes with six darts and six spare tips.
  • Allows solo play with the cyber player

3. WIN.MAX Dartboard

WIN.MAX Dartboard

Another WIN.MAX dartboard appears in the review of the top 8 electronic dart board reviews in This make varies from the eighth item in the review in a number of ways. It has 65 variations and 21 games to try out. The former model has 190 scoring options and 27 games to enjoy. Remember those times when you had to stop playing darts to keep scores. That is not the case with an electronic device such as WIN.MAX. The LCD display provides a record of the scores saving you time. About the number of players, this product allows different arrangements two teams of two people, two team of three people, and two teams of four people. One unique aspect of this model is the fact that it has an automated voice announcer for the scores, which makes gaming live and more exciting.


  • Presents users with an ultra-thin spider and a wide catch ring.
  • Comes with six darts, 40 soft tips.
  • It is advisable to replace tips with WIN.MAX tips for quality and right shape reasons.

2. Viper Neptune From GLD Products

Viper Neptune From GLD Products

If you like classic products, Viper dartboard from GLD will do you good. Its cabinet doors consist of a classic style that looks great wherever you mount the board. The red, black, and silver colors make this product super eye-catching. Considering the segments have undergone testing, you can be sure you are purchasing high-quality, durable GLD boards with commercial grade nylon segments to get you value for your money.

The thin spider decreases the number of bounce outs to allow you to maximize your score. Whether you install the dartboard in your home or workplace, the storage holds come in handy to assist you to secure the darts after the game is over. So far in the review, GLD Neptune has the highest number of game and option standing at 57 and 307 options. With such versatility, you are in for fantastic games.


  • Has 15.5inch target space.
  • Accommodates a maximum of 16players.
  • A big catch ring prevents wall damage.

1. Arachnid Dartboard-Cricket Pro 800

Arachnid Dartboard-Cricket Pro 800

Arachnid is the number one product in the top 8 electronic dart board reviews for a good reason. For starters, this brand boasts of tournament quality status meaning it can stand as many throws as possible no matter how tough they are. Besides, it has a sleek look that adds aesthetic value to your space. That is not all. Cricket Pro 800 offers you 39 games to try out and 179 variations including seven cricket games. With the sturdy nylon segments, this board assures you of high performance and durability. It has improved segments dividers with a micro-thin construction that reduce bounce outs.

Have extra fun with the heckler feature.


  • Usable with 8 players
  • It has an LED display
  • Provides a target area of 15.5 inches


It is time to take your dart games to the next level with electronic dartboards. From the above top 8 electronic dart board, you now have an idea of products worth buying. You will notice that all of them have an LCD display and varying number of games and scoring options. Depending on your preference, choose one or two products and reinvent your gaming.

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