Top 8 Outdoor Laser Tags Reviews In 2020

Looking Forward to Your Laser Tag Battle? It comes a time when you have had enough of video games and films. Your eyes are tired of the blue light on screens. They are in dire need of a break. Get out and participate in an enjoyable game. Outdoor laser tag battle is an excellent opportunity to have fun with friends and family. This way, you do not spend much time indoors, but get out to breathe fresh air as you play. Laser tags are for not only recreational purposes but also give you a chance to jog your body and mind. You cannot afford to buy any laser equipment you come across considering there are many brands to select. What you need is a nice, quality, functional package that guarantees you the fun you need. Below are the top 8 outdoor laser tag.

8. Sharper Image Laser Tag

Sharper Image Laser Tag

It is the weekend, and you have your friends over for some lase tagging. Put down your drinks and prepare yourselves for a good time with Sharp Image’s multiplayer sets. Their thrilling sound and lights effects bring life into the battle. It does not matter the time of day. This product works in dim light and at night too thanks to the infrared tech and lights. There is no harm in playing all day if you have the time or when you want to outsmart your unbeaten friend. It comes with vests that function as targets. When you hear vibration, light, and sound from your opponent’s vest, that is a hit. With the blasters, you can track how much ammo you have left to necessitate reloading, which is as simple as pulling back the blaster slider.


  • Usable for long-range
  • Gun blasters have a reload function
  • Vest and blaster come with in-built lights, vibration, and sounds

7. ArmorGear Laser Battle Pack

ArmorGear Laser Battle Pack

ArmorGear is here to spice up your gaming. If you are good at laser tag tournaments, this is your product. It offers advanced settings such as invisibility mode to hide your location, voice directions that guide you through the shooting, and night vision to enable you to see targets in the dark. Enjoy the extensive shooting range that lets you experiment more with your skills as a gamer. Multiplying is not all. This brand allows you to use different weapons rocket, pistol, machine gun, and shotgun. Use that rocket to outshine your enemies in a memorable battle. With the ergonomic design, you can be sure of a solid grip that feels great in your hands. ArmorGear values high quality, durability, and sturdy construction.


  • Each laser tag gun and vest uses three AAA batteries sold separately
  • It is multi-weapon and multi-player
  • It has children-friendly infrared emissions

6. Veken Laser Tag

Veken Laser Tag

As one of the products in the top 8 outdoor laser tag, Veken has several things to offer you. For example, the full package includes a laser gun and two alien bugs. Have an exciting war with the 130-feet strike distance that lets you create a wide battlefield. Form four teams of differing costume colors blue, orange, green, and white, which ensure no confusion. If you dislike laser tag vests, Veken is the ideal item for you since you do not have to wear a vest. The gun acts as a target because it has an in-built receiver. Like ArmorGear, this item presents you with varying gun settings pistol, submachine gun, rocket, and shotgun. It is up to you to decide which one of them to use at what time.


  • It is a four-player laser tag
  • Two robot bugs add funs to the game
  • Provides one carry bag

5. Vatos Infrared Tag

Vatos Infrared Tag

You can go with the orange, black, red, or blue vest and laser gun when playing with Vatos. Like the previous models, it suits both children and adults. Each set consists of four guns and four vests to accommodate more than one player. Change the firing mode to any of this pistol, shotgun, rocket, and machine gun. With less than 1% of infrared emission, you are purchasing an item safe for your children as well. Securely hold it in your hands considering it has a solid grip and shoots along with high-simulated sound and vibration for lively battling. It is easy setting up the device in your backyard or yard.


  • Every gun and vest needs three 1.5v AAA batteries
  • Runs on a 100feett shooting range
  • It is a fashionable set, light, durable, and high-quality

4. Power Tag

Power Tag

A set of Power Tag includes four guns, four vests, and two battle blasters. With this, rest assured you will have a blast of a game outdoors. Note that the blasters function as guns and vests giving you exhilarating tag play. The manufacturer was kind enough to include blaster gloves. Ensure your team gets the most out of the 150-feet range. Explore all the possibilities of creating an interesting shooting area and have all the fun your energies can allow. If you are the kind of a player that likes using different weapons, a Power tag is one of the products you should have. It lets you battle using a rocket launcher, machine gun, pistol, or shotgun.


  • The gear is elegant, light, long-lasting, and fits properly
  • Appropriate for six players per set
  • Incorporates sounds, light, vibrations for every hit on the chest plate

3. USA Toys Tag

USA Toys Tag

You have not had enough of the top 8 outdoor laser tag reviews in It is time to try one from USA toys. It suits adults and children. This way, you do not have to buy different sets for each member of your family. The life meter exists to track your health and reload mode among other things. If your children find the vests uncomfortable, they can play without wearing them. Let them use the space blasters to take care of the hits by aiming at the other team’s tag gun. This product provides every user with nine lives. One light on the life meter represents three lives. Play safe to prevent reducing the valuable lives you have so you can stay in the game.


  • Has four play modes submachine, pistol, shotgun, and rocket launcher
  • Comes with a carrying case for compact, safe storage
  • Shoots as far as 130feet away from the target

2. Kidzlane Laser Tag

Kidzlane Laser Tag

As the second-best laser tag in the review, Kidzlane offers you all the realism you can ever want in a laser game. The laser guns consist of varying colors that attract the attention of kids. They are red, blue, orange, and green. Besides, organize teams according to different shades white, green, blue, and red and let the war begin. You have the freedom to choose the kind of ammo you like, as is the case with the other laser tags we have already discussed. With the blasters, you get a real battle experience not forgetting the vibrations and sounds that send adrenaline running down your spine.


  • The shooting range is 130feet away
  • Each ammo has different life bars, sounds, and shots like real guns
  • It is top quality

1. LaserTron Laser Tag

LaserTron Laser Tag

The top laser tag in the top 8 outdoor laser tag is LaserTron. What makes this product the bestseller? Its guns are available in blue, yellow, and orange colors thus helpful if you have choosy kids. With the high technology vested in the infrared lasers, this brand is usable at any time of day including the night. Have fun with the 150-feet range, as you are guided with the voice prompts. The multiple weapons are at your disposal to enable you to make the game as interesting as possible. About gun modes, the pistol is the safest because rocket, machine gun, and shotgun take more lives. You do not want an opponent attacking you with these three deadly weapons.


  • Includes invisibility and night vision capabilities
  • Provides vibrations, light, and audio
  • Offers upgraded laser performance


As you plan fun outdoor games for you and your family, consider laser tag battles. A memorable game starts with you having the best laser tag equipment. We have already covered some of the best laser tags worth considering. You have no excuse for purchasing a low-quality, less functional tag.

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