Top 8 Remote Control Skateboard Reviews In 2019

Modern technology has improved every aspect of human life. Your television set is not the only gadget with remote control. Today, various companies are making remote control skateboards to meet consumer needs and stay up to date with the latest tech in town. With that in mind, skateboards are for not only recreational use but also serve as useful transportation means. If your office is a few blocks away from your home, instead of taking a taxi or driving your car to work use a skateboard. It is a faster and greener choice (if you care much about the environment). Are you in need of a high-quality skateboard? Continue reading to identify the top 8 remote control skateboard.

List Of Remote Control Skateboard

8. Maxfind Updated Skateboard

Maxfind Updated Skateboard

Maxfind is among the top skateboards for several reasons. Starting with the deck that is made of high standard fiberglass and PP, this product is safe and comfortable. It has a PVC and PEA grip tape that makes it even more fun to ride. That is not enough. The electric skateboard employs a brushless 1000W dual motor and a lithium battery that boost performance. Wheels you find on the model are what you need to skate around with speed as high as 23mph. Considering it has a 265lbs weight capacity, this item is usable with riders of varying weights. The diamond cutting construction, on the other hand, sets apart Maxfind as a sturdy, elegant product worth buying. It is also waterproof to prevent damage in case it is drizzling outside.


  • Has 90mm wheels
  • Offers 23mph speed
  • Provides durable and comfortable skating

7. Voyager Neutrino Skateboard

Voyager Neutrino Skateboard

If you will be skating for short distances, Voyager Neutrino suits you. It has a 7-mile range and a speed of 12.5mph. Your children should find the item functional because it is lightweight. They do not get tired carrying it around and so do you. Imagine leaving your workplace, and you have a heavy skateboard to carry outside the office before using it. This brand saves you such trouble. About control, it uses a wireless Bluetooth operated controller that monitors battery power in the skateboard and lets you change modes. You have been skating on a slow mode to rest, and you want to increase the pace. Easily switch from slow to fast mode and enjoy the convenience that comes with it.


  • It is portable
  • Has a weight capacity f 200lbs
  • It is water-resistant for rainy weather

6. Backfire G2S Black Gold Skateboard

Backfire G2S Black Gold Skateboard

It is a dramatic name but Backfire is a worthwhile longboard in the top 8 remote control skateboard reviews in Perhaps you have been using it for a while, or you hit a rough surface that ruined the wheels. Do not be alarmed. Replace them and continue skating. With the black grip, your feet have an anti-slip board to ride around on pavements and streets. Have a good time with the amazingly flexible deck that has shock absorbing capability to prevent you from feeling the bumps and vibrations. Cruising at high speed calls for stability. Backfire trucks enables you to find proper balance even at super-fast speeds and also allow smooth, flexible turning. When riding on eco mode, the mile range is 15.5miles or 25km.


  • Comes with low maintenance costs
  • It is light and portable
  • Provides 12miles(20km) riding range for sports mode

5. AC Remote Control Skateboard

AC Remote Control Skateboard

Are you the kind of customer that likes wooden boards? Look no further. AC presents you a skateboard with a bamboo and maple wood deck. The manufacturer creates an innovative deck consisting of a six-layer maple wood surface sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of bamboo. Such a design ensures that you get a sturdy and flexible skateboard. With a concave shape and grip tape, this brand offers your feet firm support. Ride around the neighborhood with a 17mph pace for 10 miles on a charged battery, as you show off your skating skills and exercise at the same time. You do not want a noisy skateboard. With AC you get peace of mind due to its quiet motor.


  • Uses efficient hub motors
  • Has three speeds low, moderate and high
  • Wireless remote assists with braking, reversing, and speed adjustability

4. Evolve Skateboard

Evolve Skateboard

Here is another bamboo deck product among the top 8 remote control skateboard reviews in The mile range you cover depends on different factors including terrain, your weight as a rider, and riding style. If you are skating on the street, Evolve lets you skate for 21miles and 12miles on all terrain mode. The speed limit is 22-16mph. Using the remote control, determine the brake feeling and acceleration for nice, relaxed cruising. Monitor different ride aspects on the LCD such as diagnostics, speed, and distance as you move from one location to the other for a fun-filled experience. Evolve goes further to include a programmable dead man/safety switch just for you to have an easy time on the road.


  • It is an all-terrain product be it tarmac, concrete, bitumen, dirt, short grass or uneven surfaces
  • Presents fur speeds to try out slow, eco, GT, and fast
  • Comfortable and ergonomic due to the rubber mold

3. Evolve Carbon Longboard

Evolve Carbon Longboard

If the previous Evolve skateboard impressed your taste, try this model too from the same company. Instead of a bamboo deck, this make consists of a carbon one. Thus, it is designed for customers who do not like the bamboo version. However, the two makes have similar speeds for street and all-terrain modes. Surf for 31miles on the street and 18.5miles on all terrain. This brand can tackle any surface. All you have to do is step on the skateboard and set the pace, be in control, and ride away. Make good use of the magnetic controls and digital LCD screen not forgetting the adjustable speeds and programmable switch.


  • Runs on a 3000w powerful motors
  • Durable with a soft grip
  • Uses 83mm wheels

2. Wowgo 2S Skateboard

Wowgo 2S Skateboard

The Wowgo name suits this skateboard as one of the top 8 remote control skateboard reviews in Nonetheless, what good is a name if the product cannot deliver? Well, this skateboard’s brand name relates to its performance. For instance, it has an upgraded battery that operates on a double discharge rate. It can still support high speeds even when running low. You will not take long to stop the skate either. Besides, Wowgo is made from top quality bamboo that flexes to provide smooth riding around corners and bumpy terrain. It is also shockproof due to the updated soft bushing for comfortable surfing. The remote controls acceleration and braking while the LCD shows riding modes among other settings.


  • It is waterproof
  • Brakes and accelerates smoothly
  • Can hold the 280lbd weight

1. Tomoloo Skateboard

Tomoloo Skateboard

When you buy Tomollo, you are investing in a high-quality skateboard that will last a while. It also provides high standards of safety thanks to its battery design. This product has a high resistance for hot temperatures, thus preventing fires. The manufacturer uses quality materials to make a shell capable of these qualities in addition to Tomollo being tough and sturdy. Cruise for a maximum range of 15km and enjoy a 17.5mph speed, as the lithium battery powers your skateboard.

To emphasize on the safety of the battery, Tomollo has an advanced battery management mechanism that monitors the real-time status of the battery and conveys the information through beeping to ensure safety when riding. A unique aspect of this brand is the music. LED Lights twinkle and change color as the rhythms change. Isn’t that fun?


  • Carries ides of up to 220lbs
  • It is light for portability(17lbs)
  • Has Bluetooth connectivity


So far, you are in a better position to buy the right skateboard. The brands we have reviewed are examples of the products worth your money. Look out for features such as speed, shock-absorption, mile range, construction, stability, and materials before making purchases.

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