Top 8 Robot Dog Toy Reviews In 2019

Playtime has a crucial role in the growth and development of a child. It helps your little one improve cognitive, social, and motor skills. The world has come a long way in terms of technology. Today, children have a wide range of toys to play with; some are simple while others incorporate trendy tech, for example, robot dog toys. Perhaps your kid saw the robot toy at the store, and he or she is not giving you peace of mind until you buy it. As you head to the mall or place an order online, make sure you buy the best product the market has to offer. Here are the top 8 robot dog toy to assist you to find your little girl or boy a great play item.

8. Yeezee Robot Puppy

Yeezee Robot Puppy

A robot puppy such as Yeezee would be a valuable addition to your child’s collection of toys. It is an interactive device that talks. The blue and pick colors suit boys and girls respectively. With the wireless design, this product fosters the safety of your children, as there are no cords to stumble over when playing. The nose is the on and off button. The package comes with a bone that you give the dog, and it talks. This toy also barks and plays musical tunes to entertain your kid. At the center of the head, you will find two buttons for controlling the robot dog toy. However, it has a remote control gadget. Power the robot toy using a USB charger. Its touch response tail adds fun to the game. If you shake the pup, it says I am dizzy.


  • Offers intelligent talking
  • Has a magent bone
  • Lightweight and does not use batteries

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7. Fisca Programmable Robot Dog

Fisca Programmable Robot Dog

Using the programmable aspect, you can choose specific settings for the dog, and it will react accordingly with fantastic moves. It sings and dances, which fascinates children. The music and dance moves elevate their spirit if they are moody. With the remote controller, you can make the dog do whatever you want, for instance, walking, looking right and left, head spin, blinking, dancing, and patrol. The controller distance is 20feet. About construction, Fisca boasts of high-quality materials (plastic) and a smooth finish that feels great to touch. It takes four hours to charge the lithium battery to allow your little ones to play for an hour non-stop. When they are not using the toy, remove the battery and store it safely.


  • Produces sounds and lights up
  • Uses an inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Controller runs on two AAA batteries bought separately

6. Hi-tech Optoelectronics Smart Puppy

Hi-tech Optoelectronics Smart Puppy

We live in a world with smart devices of all kinds. Why not buy a smart robot dog like Hi-tech. It uses a remote controller too. Nonetheless, it has a controller range of 30ft. The puppy sings, dances, and senses gestures, which make it a highly intelligent, interactive toy for boys and girls. When you power it, it produces a flashing red light. With the intelligent mode, this dog sings, dances, moves forward and backward, and turns left and right. It can make automatic sounds on its own when under controller settings. Its lightweight nature makes it easy for kids to carry around as they play. The small size takes up little space in your child’s toy room.


  • It is an elegant toy
  • Has a long range
  • Easy to operate after mastering how it works

5. Oneasia Robot Dog Toy

Oneasia Robot Dog Toy

Being one of the best items in the top 8 robot dog toy, Oneasia incorporates advanced tech. Its interactivity is more than playing music and producing sounds. This brand has voice recognition, touch sensors, an RF sensor, LED lights, and a Bluetooth speaker. Use voice commands such as sit, roll over, play dead, and protect me. Different spots on the puppy act as sensors that tell it to wag the tail, sit, or awake. If your child has had enough of real dogs, this toy will spice up his or her play. It has a wagging tail, barks, and cries to bring to life children’s experiences. With a Bluetooth speaker, you can play your favorite playlist on the toy. The app on Oneasia provides a variety of stunts to try.


  • It is flexible to sit, dance, or roll over
  • Smartphone app offers more modes
  • It is an innovative puppy

4. Hi-tech Wireless Optoelectronics Dog Toy

Hi-tech Wireless Optoelectronics Dog Toy

If your child liked the other Hi-tech robot toy, here is another make from the same company. It does more than offering fun for children. It has a study mode, which involves letters of the alphabet and Arabian numbers appearing on the eyes. Its remote controller has a large range of 50 feet (15 meters); therefore, providing more room for naughty young ones to play in all directions. The eyes light up and shift to different shapes depending on sounds and actions. This toy sings, crawls, stands, and dances. The different sounds it makes convey varying emotions while the songs it plays include hokey poker, everybody jump, and bingo.


  • It is rechargeable
  • High quality
  • Offers many modes

3. Wowwee Chippies Toy

Wowwee Chippies Toy

Wowwee is a fun name for a robot dog toy. The company does not disappoint because the dog toy is as interesting as its name. That is not all. Using controls on its head, you will hear sniffs, barks, puppy kisses, and sneezes. Make good use of the remote controller. Command chippies to chase its tail, dance, sing, or roll over. With the sensors on this toy, it can reach every part of your home and even send intruder alerts. Like a real watchdog that safeguards your home, Chippies does the same in its capacity. Its eyes turn red to put off the intruders. The toy sounds an alarm in case a person comes too close. Wowwee offers animation and playful audio to help you have a good time with your children.


  • Available in an eye-catching a blue color
  • Has LED eyes
  • It is flexible

2. Zoomer Responsive Dog Toy

Zoomer Responsive Dog Toy

If you want a robot dog toy that looks almost similar to a real dog, Zoomer is a worthwhile choice. It has a visible tongue, unlike some robot toys. This toy uses voice recognition tech and responds to touch and sound with adorable barks and tricks. Cuddle it or rub the belly and get a chance to hear a marvelous sound. Use voice commands on the toy to help it lean over 20 tricks. You can order it to beg, lie down, or play dead among other things. The robot toy also has fuzzy ears and a wiggly tail that foster playfulness.


  • Has a USB charging port
  • Responds to touch and sound
  • Works well when fully charged

1. Harry Robot Dog

Harry Robot Dog

Harry is a unique robot dog toy. Its packaging includes three AAA batteries, and it makes a variety of sounds besides barking and talking. The toy has a sensor that reacts to touch. Let kids play with it on smooth surfaces. Touch the head and hear the toy sing and dance while touching the backside surprises you with any type of sound. Harry is very interactive. Turn it off manually or use the 30-second auto off help you out. When the path is blocked, this toy lets you know, so you can create space for it to explore the surrounding.


  • It is 7’’ long and 6’’tall
  • Educational Toy
  • It has high-grade quality


Every child loves toys because they are part of growth. Surprise your kids with robot dog toys as gifts, and they will appreciate it. The above reviews help you purchase the best dog toys. The remote controllers come in handy to boost your children’s coordination skills. From the eight products, buy one or two brands that you believe will melt your little one’s heart.

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