Top 10 Screen Printing Screens Reviews In 2020

When looking for mesh screens and frames its important to know exactly what role you need to be filled. There are different mesh counts for different objectives but for the most part, 110 to 160 is a good starting point to cover most applications. Mesh count simply means the number of fibers in one square inch. The lower the mesh count screens have a larger opening and higher have smaller. This allows the user to control how much ink permeates through the mesh and onto the object getting printed on. Higher mesh counts are designated mostly for finer details while printing.

That said here are the top 10 screen printing screens for beginners. They all fall in the 110 to 160 mesh count range so they’ll cover your general printing tasks. Many of the tops of the line screen printing screens come to equip with frames. Depending on the company some use metal and others use wood. Generally, the metal frames are more precise ground and are for professional use. Wood frames are cheaper and easier to clean. Having a good precision ground frame allows you to make eye-popping designs come to life so let’s get started.

10. Intsupermai 6pc 18 inch x 20 inch

Intsupermai 6pc 18 inch x 20 inch

These aluminum frames made from high density and corrosion-resistant materials. The smooth refined surface after the manufacturing process from Intsupermai, puncturing the mesh is not a worry. A nylon and Teflon mesh makes for a tough and durable performing mesh. Compression and solvent resistant these mesh screens are made to last. The screens are solvent resistant glue bonded to the aluminum frames. These versatile screens are great for general screen printing, garment printing, plexiglass and more.


  • Aluminum
  • Solvent resistant
  • Nylon and Teflon mesh

9. The Jacquard JSI9001 Screen Printing Kit

The Jacquard JSI9001 Screen Printing Kit

Take on bigger projects with Jacquard’s screen printing kit. These kits come with high solid ink to stick to non-porous materials which open up new possibilities to future projects. There’s no heat setting with this ink since its conveniently self-curing. After only 72 hours the print is fully set. The frames are aluminum construction built to stand up to years of use. The frame shaves a secure grip for better handling and comfort.


  • Provided self-curing ink
  • Aluminum
  • Non-porous penetrating ink

8. Gold Ups Aluminum Silkscreen Printing Screens

Gold Ups Aluminum Silkscreen Printing Screens

Gold Up produces fantastic silkscreens for your next printing project. These are free of deformation, lightweight, durable and smooth. Made from AL6063T5 aluminium alloy, built to last for years. Each frame is sandblasted, ground flat and welded watertight for excellent adhesion. The screens are made from a high stretch, low elongation monofilament polyester material bonded with highly resistant chemical glue.


  • Aluminum alloy
  • Watertight
  • Mono-filament polyester mesh
  • Highly chemical resistant glue

7. Caydo’s 3 piece Silk Printing Frames

Caydo's 3 piece Silk Printing Frames

Caydo’s classic and easy to use silk printing screens are perfect for getting started. The mono-filament screen has fasted to the aluminum frames with corrosion-resistant glue. The set includes 3 pieces of 20 x 24-inch aluminum silk screen printing frames. Polished aluminum frames ensure an even and tight seal for your next project. Make details pop with these frames and outstanding mesh screens from Caydo.


  • 3 piece set
  • mono-filament
  • Precision ground aluminum frame

6. Gold Up’s Silkscreen Printing Mesh and Frame

Gold Up's Silkscreen Printing Mesh and Frame

These welded watertight, lightweight and sandblasted frames are perfect with mono-filament polyester mesh. Each mesh is bonded with highly chemical resistant glue to ensure a long life with these printing frames. The aluminum alloy frames are built strong and built to last. Free of deformation, durable and have smooth finish the frames are both eye-appealing and functional. Top of the line mono-filament mesh is used bonded with high-quality glue to the frames.


  • Mono-filament polyester mesh
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Chemical resistant glue
  • Watertight welded

5. Caydo 20 Pieces Screen Printing Starter Kit

Caydo 20 Pieces Screen Printing Starter Kit

Caydo makes an excellent 20 piece set of wood frame and meshed screen printing frames. Each comes with transparency film, a plastic squeegee, wood stick and masking tape to get you started on your printing projects! This kit is perfect for the beginner or anyone looking to expand into higher volume projects. The Caydo 20 piece set has everything you need to start today so get you expanding your projects!


  • Wood frames
  • Transparency film
  • Included essential tools
  • Printing instructions

4. Gold Up’s Pre-stretched Aluminum Silkscreens

Gold Up's Pre-stretched Aluminum Silkscreens

At number 4 Gold Up offers another excellent product to further your garment printing business. The high stretch and low elongation monofilament polyester ensure a long-lasting life span for your sprinting meshes. The frames are strong a precision ground aluminum making for great adhesion. Gold up uses top of the line chemical resistant glue to attach to filament to the strong aluminum frames. The glue is of high quality ensuring a long life span for your mesh screens and frames.


  • Pre-stretched Silkscreens
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Chemical resistant glue
  • Mono-filament polyester mesh

3. Uyoyous Aluminum Silkscreen Printing Screens

Uyoyous Aluminum Silkscreen Printing Screens

Uyoyous makes excellent Silkscreens for your printing operations. Smooth and durable these frames not only look good but can stand the test of time. High-quality mesh material ensures optimal tension. Each frame is welded and ground flat to make a perfect seal and have optimal adhesion during use. They are 20 x 24 inches with 20-24 N/CM tension polyester mesh.


  • Aluminum alloy
  • N/CM Tension Polyester mesh
  • Ground flat and watertight
  • Durable

2. Gold Up’s 6 piece Aluminium Frame Set

Gold Up's 6 piece Aluminium Frame Set

Made from AL6063TS alloy these frames are built to last from Gold Up. Ground flat and welded to be watertight. Each piece comes with high-quality mono-filament polyester which are high strength and elongation resistant mesh screens. The high strength aluminum alloy frames will last as long as you are in business. Take on your next project with this 6 piece set.


  • Aluminum alloy
  • Ground flat
  • Proper tension
  • 6 Piece set

1. Gold Ups Pre-stretched Aluminum Silk Screen Printing Frames

Gold Ups Pre-stretched Aluminum Silk Screen Printing Frames

At number 1 is Gold Up with their pre-stretched silk screen printing frames with 160 white. Made with top of the line aluminum alloy and ground flat for the best adhesion. Each set comes with 6 pieces featuring the best polyester mono-filament screen meshes available. Each is bonded with chemical resistant glue and are insured to have optimal tension. These are perfect for the hobbyist, beginner or professional. The 160 mesh count is perfect for general use of printing applications. Use these for garment production or just general printing to Plexiglas. Gold Ups pre-stretched Silk Screens and frames are a perfect choice.


  • 6 piece set
  • Mono-filament polyester
  • Optimal tension rating
  • Aluminum alloy

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