Top 8 Tommy Bahama Beach Cart Reviews In 2019

It is that time of the year when the weather is spectacular for outdoor activities. You cannot wait for the weekend to go for a road trip or head to the beach for much-needed fun. If you will be going to the beach, you need to do more than wearing the right clothes. You will need a beach cart to assist you in carrying essentials such as surfing boards, food, water, umbrella, and a cooling unit from your car. It can be difficult deciding which cart to buy. Do not worry. Below are the top 8 Tommy Bahama beach cart reviews to enable you buy the right carts.

8. StoreYourBoard Beach Wheels

StoreYourBoard Beach Wheels

Perhaps you want to replace wheels on your beach cart. You should buy those with large diameters, as they make pushing and pulling the cart easier. StoreYourBoard is an example of such wheels. They are big enough to roll through sand and dirt at the beach. This way, you do not need much effort to steer the cart. The tires on these wheels are heavy and buggy meaning they can support more weight than small tires. This brand can carry loads of up to 240lbs and tires are made from heavy-duty, durable material.

The wheels inflate quickly. An ordinary bike pump is all you need for that. This product is compatible with any axle of 22mm diameter and 7’’ length.


  • Uses 12inch balloon wheels
  • Consists of heavy duty parts to support weightier loads
  • Usable with wagons, wheelchairs, and kayak dollies as well

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7. Wheeleez Beach Cart-Mini Folding

Wheeleez Beach Cart-Mini Folding

The fact that Wheeleez is a foldable cart makes it possible to save space in your garage for storage and in your car when you are on the go. The manufacturer has improved the wheels for better performance in addition to the increased 99lbs load capacity. Do not be worried about uneven terrain, sand, or soggy grass. This brand has wheels that can get through such surfaces without sinking in sand or plowing.

Considering they are made from polyurethane material, they are safe for children. The long handle allows you to use little effort to pull or push the cart, thus saving energy for the activities you will be participating in at the beach. About design, Wheeleez has your comfort at heart, as it comes with lashing and tie-down straps, and a big mesh bag with a drawstring. These secure whatever you are carrying to the beach.


  • Folds into a small, compact item to fit in small spaces
  • It is lightweight and spacious to accommodate more items
  • Has an epoxy powder coating and a sturdy steel frame

6. RIO Brands Deluxe Wheeler

RIO Brands Deluxe Wheeler

Rio Brand’s bright color matches perfectly with the blue waters at the beach. Do you want to know why it is among the top 8 Tommy Bahama beach cart reviews in 2019? Take, for example, its extra-wide tread wheels. They ensure the smooth movement of the cart. The removable tote increases convenience in addition to it having a shoulder strap for comfort. Regarding durability, this brand has it all. Its mesh fabric is heavy duty, thus does not wear quickly. It also dries fast. You can wash it minutes before going to the beach. This comes in handy in case water splashes on the cart. You do not have to walk around with a wet mesh. You will also appreciate the wide back cover that includes an embroidered pocket for storing extra items


  • Boasts of a sturdy steel construction
  • Provides storage pocket that is easy to access
  • Has an extended handle for simple handling

5. Mac Sports Cart with Table

Mac Sports Cart with Table

You are at the beach enjoying some sun as you sip water or juice. Placing that cup or bottle on the sand is not a good idea. Mac Sports saves you the trouble because it comes with a table, which is an excellent surface to place things. Besides, Mac is collapsible and foldable making it a compact piece when not in use. It will save space in your back seat for other things. Keep the cart clean by wiping or cleaning with water and soap. It is easy to fold and unfold into a sizeable blue wagon for carrying sports equipment, tires, cooler, and snacks.


  • The wheels are extra large
  • Has a design that enhances mobility on dirt and the softest sand
  • Suits all kinds of terrain

4. Rio Brands Beach Table Cart

Rio Brands Beach Table Cart

It is simple converting a beach cart into a table. Turn it upside down, and you have a nice table. You can do so with this Rio cart model. Doing so eliminates the need to carry a small table from home to reduce luggage. Once you unload the essentials you carried, change Rio into a table. It does not shake but stands steadily to hold different items. The table consists of aluminum and plastic material, which do not warp like fireboard. Place cups in the four cup holders, so you do not have to hold them throughout. No more worrying about your drink dropping off the table board.


  • The cup holders are insulated
  • Comes with an umbrella holder and a bungee cord
  • Aluminum and hardened plastic board is strong and lasts long

3. RIO Brands Wonder Wheeler

RIO Brands Wonder Wheeler

It seems Rio Brands is not backing out easy in the top 8 Tommy Bahama beach cart reviews. Here is another make to try out. When you buy this specific wheeler, you get to enjoy its capacity to carry many things including four beach chairs, towels, a beach umbrella, and a 48-quart cooler. With the wide rubber wheels, it can pull through rough terrain giving you an easy time. Make good use of the removable tote bag that has a shoulder strap for convenience purposes. Place your umbrella in the side cart pocket and steer the cart that can hold up to 100lbs. Remember, its back and front wheels increase stability while the mesh fabric is strong and ip-resistant.


  • Uses a durable, quick-dry mesh fabric
  • Consists of a steel frame
  • It is fast to assemble

2. Timber Ridge Beach Cart/Wagon

Timber Ridge Beach Cart/Wagon

Enough about RIO Brands, let us shift our focus to Timber Ridge beach cart. What does it offer? Starting with load capacity, the product can carry 150lbs comfortably on hard ground and 110lbs on the sand. Its wheels are designed for the beach. For instance, it has big wheels that have rubber tapes at the center to suit all terrains and second the wheels have extra width for the beach. They foster a stable movement to allow you to enjoy your trip around the blue waters. Using the long handle, you can use the cart with less effort. Fold it into a compact tool and pack it in the carry bag the manufacturer provides. Opening the wagon is an easy task, as it does not require assembling. The last thing you need is figuring out how to put together a beach cart. Timber Ridge makes your work simpler.


  • Has rotating front wheel and fixed back wheels
  • Telescoping handle increases user-friendliness
  • It is spacious with a sturdy steel frame and long-lasting polyester

1. Rio Brands Wonder Beach Cart

Rio Brands Wonder Beach Cart

Rio Brands is not bowing out of the top 8 Tommy Bahamas beach cart reviews. It makes it the number one cart worth buying. What differentiates this model from the previous Rio wheelers anyway? For starters, it comes in a foldable design for the obvious reason of saving space. It can stand a load of up to 100lbs. With wide front and back wheels, moving around with this cart can never be easier. Its extended handle mimics a stroller style and has a neoprene grip for extra comfort. The bottom track and rack give you room for holding other items, as you head for the beach.


  • Uses all-terrain wheels and has a stable frame
  • Offers 15cubic feet storage space
  • Includes a removable tote bag


Carrying beach essentials in your hands causes fatigue. Free yourself from the strain by investing in nice beach carts. They come in varying designs and sizes. From the above top 8 Tommy Bahama beach cart, you have an idea about what makes a cart worth buying. Look out for factors such as a sturdy frame, wide wheels, load capacity, durability, and high-quality materials. It will be easier identifying a beach cart worth buying. All the products we have discussed are worth every cent.

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