Top 8 Best Wax For Black Cars Reviews In 2019

Buying car is no lesser than a FASCINATING DREAM; people simply love to SHOW OFF their CARS. Aging of outermost paint is a natural phenomenon. However, if the car’s paintwork is scratched or stained with oil marks or dust. Your car starts to look dull or perhaps even ugly. It’s of utmost importance to keep your car clean to prolong its life and maintain its beauty. To keep the wonderful shine of your car, here are the top 8 Best wax for Black cars.

8. CarGuys Liquid Wax

CarGuys Liquid Wax

Car Guys Liquid Wax is specially designed for your car, to enhance the exterior shine/ luster for long time periods. Usually, it consumes plenty of hours during washing, cleaning and waxing the car. Car Guys Liquid Wax is prepared from the latest technology of Nano polymer additives. It works on the molecular level to reduce the working hours. It forces the cross-linking between molecules to give fast and effective results. Gives your car a shiny, smooth and slicker surface with long lasting protection.


  • Works on a molecular level, to reduce working hour.
  • Force linking between molecule to give fast and effective results.
  • Perfectly design to enhance the exterior shine for a long time.

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7. Chemical Guys HOL_201

Chemical Guys HOL_201

Chemical Guys HOL-201 is ideal for black and dark colored (painted) cars. It gives a shiny and radiant glow to the exterior paint of your car. Chemical guys Black Paint Maintenance Kit has all important essentials to take dark & gothic paintwork cars to another level. Chemical Guys contain superior UV inhibitor and that blocks the harmful UVA and UVB rays, preserves the lustrous and wet-shiny look of your car. Chemical Guys lock premium glossy shine for prolonged protection for up to 6 months.


  • Maintenance kit includes all essentials to take dark colors to next level.
  • Contains superior UV inhibitors, block harmful UV rays.
  • Retain the shine and elegance.
  • Lasts up to 6 months, after a one-time application.

6. Chemical Guys Black Luminous

Chemical Guys Black Luminous

Chemical Guys Black Luminous is ideal for dark and black colored paint work. The application is very easy and quick. Highly advanced color enhancing technology is used in it. Premium polymers are used to repel water, air-borne pollutants, and dangerous ultraviolet rays. Luminous Glow Infusion gives long-lasting protection. Chemical Guys Black Luminous is engineered to be applied using your hands or machine.


  • Black Luminous includes derivatives of a synthetic polymer.
  • Apply immediately using hands or machine.
  • Prolonged protection from air-borne pollutants.
  • Premium polymers are used to repel water and harmful rays.

5. Rionix LB38 Premium Nano

Rionix LB38 Premium Nano

Rionix LB38 Premium requires no heater, easy &superfast application from hand. No airbrush, vehicle dryer or any other machine is required to clean the vehicle. You only require a micro-towel and a water bucket. It reduces the friction plus a thin layer of Rionix LB38 fills out every swirl and micro scratches. Spray Wax gives superior finish; slick and smooth shine which lasts up to 3-6 months. It ensures protection against dirt, natural pollutants, and ultraviolet radiations and retains the elegance of the dark paintwork of your car and provides brand new out of showroom look.


  • Fills out swirls and scratches.
  • Requires no heater, airbrush or vehicle dryer.
  • Requires only water bucket and micro-towel.
  • Ensures beauty against dirt and natural pollutants.

4. Turtle Wax Colour Magic

Turtle Wax Colour Magic

Turtle Wax Colour Magic is the ultimate solution to retain the original colour& luster of your vehicle. Its Jet Black car polish, a Polyurethane enriched formula which is easy to use; Requires Gentle clean-up of the rough surface by filling odd swirls and minor scratches. Black car polish ensures retaining the long-lasting protection against all odd contaminations. It simply Revitalizesthe older, diminishing finish and you bear witness to the Rebirth of your ugly looking automobile. Turtle Wax Colour lasts for about 25 washes.


  • Revitalise the older, diminishing finish.
  • The new birth of an ugly looking car.
  • Polyurethane enriched formula.
  • Easy to use, gently clean the rough surface for optimum results

3. CarGuys Hybrid Wax

CarGuys Hybrid Wax

Car Guys Hybrid Wax is among the Outstanding Wax Sealants currently available on market shelves. It’s a brand new composition of Carnauba paste waxes are not only applicable to the exterior, but it’s perfectly designed to clean the interior paint, glass, rims, fiberglass and much more. Moreover, customer testimonials regarding usage to clean toolbox, shower tools and many other things are also available. Car Guys Hybrid Wax safeguards your vehicle against the UVA and UVB to go along with a smart hydrophobic barrier.


  • Outstanding wax sealant.
  • The brand new composition of Carnauba paste wax.
  • Can be used for exterior and interior cleaning purpose.
  • Smart hydrophobic barrier.

2. U-POL Raptor Black Urethane

U-POL Raptor Black Urethane

U-Pol Raptor can be applied with Bed liner spray gun, includes an adjustable nozzle and a regulator plus gauge. It’s a nice add hardener, shake and spray. Coat spray gun is prepared from Urethane slick technology. U-POL Raptor Black Urethane is specially designed for the application to the Truck’s bed, wood, metal lining, glass fiber and much more. Black Spray gives the best protection against rust, wet and extreme climates.


  • Simply add hardener, shake and spray.
  • Adjustable nozzle plus gauge.
  • Prepared from Urethane slick technology.
  • Best protection against rust, wet and extreme climates.

1. Chemical Guys HOL203

Chemical Guys HOL203

Chemical Guys is specifically engineered for black and gothic colored vehicles. Black car care kit contains all superior cleansers, gloss enhancer, gloss applicator, wax and towel for cleaning. Edgeless towel wipes are used to clean the unseen particles from the surface of the car. High gloss wash soap traps all the dust particles into its slick foamy suds before they can harm shiny and smooth paintwork. Black car care Kit protects your car against all possible odd conditions up-to 6 months with just one application. Chemical Guys keep your car new, year after year.


  • Kit contains all cleanser, gloss enhancer, gloss applicator, wax and towel to clean.
  • Edgeless towel wipes and cleans the unseen particles from the car surface
  • High gloss car washes soap traps all dust particles into foamy suds.
  • Protect against all odd conditions up-to 6 months.


It’s a perfect choice for the people who like to keep their cars brand new. Waxes keep the exterior paintwork of car surface wet-shiny, glossy and smooth. They smartly reduce, fills the scratches and minor swirls. These polishes are an ultimate solution to prevent & reduce abrasion and stain occurring from time to time on vehicles. They protect automobile from rust, corrosion salt, wet and moist climates. You can purchase these products by ordering online or buy from your nearby stores. Polishes come in a wide variety so you can select them according to your applicability. Mostly all the polish and waxes last for up to 3-6 months with a single application.

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