Top 8 White Noise Machines For Office Reviews In 2020

We live in a competitive world where every company is striving to maximize profits if not influencing change in society. This places a lot of pressure on employees, which adds to the stress emanating from personal issues and physical noises. For this reason, it is essential to improve the working conditions of an office to promote productivity. Apart from your workplace being clean, safe, and with basic amenities, it should give you the peace of mind you need to work effectively. Having a white noise machine for the office would be helpful here. Even in quiet spaces, the machine is useful, as it eliminates the boredom of dealing with the same quiet environment every day. A white noise machine provides a soothing, steady sound that calms the mind allowing you to concentrate on the task ahead of you. Do you want to improve the quality of your office? Below are the top 8 white noise machine for office to assist you in purchasing the right product.

8. Likii White Noise Sound Machine

Likii White Noise Sound Machine

As one of the best white noise machines worth buying, Likii gives you over 20 sounds to choose from seven white noise, seven fan sounds, and seven relaxing sounds. Find one that appeals to your ear among these thunder sounds, fetal tone, lullaby, summer night, ocean, forest, and steam. The machine uses a 3.5mm jack to let you connect it to different gadgets such as headsets and speakers. With the mute button, you are in a position to adjust the volume or change the sound without distracting other people in the office. This device also has a high-grade speaker to provide smooth sounds. If you do not intend to change the current setting, Likii remembers the last mode you used the next time you switch it on. To save electricity, this brand includes an auto-shutoff timer that ensures it goes off after 90, 60, and 30minutes.


  • It is portable
  • Provides non-looping, high fidelity sounds
  • Uses a power adapter for continuous running

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7. Vanzon Sound Machine

Vanzon Sound Machine

Vanzon suits children and adults as well. Place it in your office and start enjoying 21 high fidelity sounds, which include ocean waves, birds, lullaby, thunder, crickets, steam, and fetal tone. In an office setting, stream and ocean waves would be suitable sounds. Is your workplace located on a busy street? This product masks environmental noises to allow you to concentrate on work. Set it to shut off after 30, 60, or 90minutes. This increases convenience depending on how long you will be in the office; half an hour suits short tasks while an hour and a half is a great timer option when working on long projects. The timer’s auto shut-off saves you the trouble of switching off the white noise machine in case you are in a hurry.


  • Restores previous settings volume, time, and sound
  • Compact and portable to fit in a small bag
  • Works with 3.5mm earphone for one-person use

6. Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine

Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine

You want to have a private conversation with a friend, client, or employee. Dreamegg can help you prevent other people from hearing your conversation. All you do is adjust the volume to a higher level. It offers three types of sounds fan, natural, and white noise and they are 21 in total. The high quality speaker ensures you get crisp sounds. Enjoy natural audio of crickets, thunder, fetal tone, forest, stream, and the ocean. If you have a small office, do not worry because this product takes up little space on your desk. In addition, it has a nice, smooth texture that suits every office décor. Using the sound option, you get to listen to your favorite playlist on D1’s speaker. Have the white sound machine running non-stop or use the timer to set auto shut-off intervals. The headphone jack lets you listen to sounds alone to avoid distracting others.


  • Has a night light
  • Does not use batteries
  • Has a memory function and timer

5. Snooz White Noise Machine

Snooz White Noise Machine

Snooz is an elegant white noise tool that increases the aesthetic value of your office space. It resembles a woven-like design and has an interior fan. Several other factors validate its presence in the top 8 white noise machine for office reviews in Yes, you should not sleep in the office, but sometimes you cannot help it. You want to take a quick nap somewhere; no one will see you. Snooz and other products in the review help you fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed to perform as expected. Besides, it incorporates advanced tech, which is an app-based control. Use the app for remote control, scheduling the auto-on and off timer, and switching on the night light. There are 10 settings for adjusting the volume and tone. This model does more than fostering office privacy and assisting you to sleep. It also bars your ears from hearing other sounds around you be it someone snoring, street noise, or loud business neighbors.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Uses non-looping sounds
  • App usable with Android and iPhone devices

4. Adaptive Sound Technologies White Noise Machine- LectroFan

Adaptive Sound Technologies White Noise Machine- LectroFan

With Adaptive Sound Technologies’ lectrofan machine, you get 10 noise variations and 10 fan sounds. It does not only provide white noise but also brown and pink, which gives it a competitive advantage on the market. This model enables you to focus on what is crucial and prevent you from hearing disruptive sounds. It also provides you non-repeating noise without moving parts. Depending on the intensity of distractions at your workplace, set the volume at an appropriate level that can outdo the other irrelevant sounds around you. Remember, Adaptive’s timer gives you easier control over the sound machine increasing convenience. You do not have to be in the office to switch it off.


  • It is sturdy and safe
  • AC or USB power the white noise machine
  • Offers high fidelity sounds

3. Marpac Machine-Dohm Classic

Marpac Machine-Dohm Classic

If you love white office equipment, add Marpac white noise machine to your collection. It looks sleek wherever you mount it. The brand has a dual-speed motor that boosts its performance. Besides, it creates the sound of rushing air, but you will not feel the breeze moving. Do you wish to have a customized sound just for you? The dual speed fan and acoustic housing make it possible to adjust the tone and volume. Marpac has been on the market for decades. It is a credible brand worth spending money on. Using it cannot be any easier. By flipping the switch, you can set a high or low volume and tone, and by rotating the collar and cap, you get to find the sound you need to calm down and relax at the office. Apart from white, Marpac is also available in other colors including tan, gray, and black.


  • Has acoustic housing and asymmetrical fan
  • Offers color variety
  • Uses an 8’ cord

2. Homedics Sound Therapy Machine

Homedics Sound Therapy Machine

As the second best product among the top 8 white noise machine for office, Homedics presents users with an exquisite product that suits every office. Sooth your mind with six digital calming sounds that make you feel better and find focus. They include white noise and natural sounds brook, thunder, ocean, summer night, and rain. If you have a spa, Homedics provides specific sound for your business to mimic the natural setting; therefore, guaranteeing your customers relaxing sessions. Using the volume dial, adjust the sound to a comfortable level for you and those around you. Either this model uses batteries, or you can plug the adapter into a power outlet. Now that is convenient!


  • Comes with an auto-off timer of 15, 30, and 60minutes settings
  • It is small, compact, and highly portable
  • Takes four AA batteries to be bought separately

1. Big Red Rooster

Big Red Rooster

Big Red Rooster becomes the bestseller white noise machine for office. Like Homedics, it offers you six relaxing sounds. In addition, you can plug it into a power source or use batteries. This makes the machine ideal for outdoor use such as hiking and camping. As long as you have the batteries, you are good to go. Choose from the range of quality sounds be it white noise, brook, summer night, rain, thunder, or ocean. With the optional timer, you can set the machine to shut off after 15, 30, or 60minutes. Perhaps you are operating from two offices in different locations. Big Red Rooster is portable.


  • Does not restrict you to indoor use only
  • Uses 3AA batteries
  • Comes with an AC adapter


Being productive at the office requires you to focus. When there is a lot of noise disrupting you, it becomes difficult concentrating on essential tasks. This is where white noise machines come in to help. They help mask unnecessary sounds at the workplace; therefore; supporting your efficiency. The products in the review go a long way in helping you relax, calm down, and get the job done.

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